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We’re living in fast-paced, unsettling times.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed, stressed, and discouraged. Yet you know there somehow is a way. You have had some success, but there is much more that is possible.

This begs the question: How do you succeed at a deeper level, and really learn to thrive in a sustainable way?

What would it be like to use your natural talents and develop them to help more people? What would it be like to make more of a difference, improving the world? All the while, you continue to live your best life, continually becoming a better you.

For the past few decades, we have helped holistically minded, heart-centered people uncover their core value and grow into the person they truly wanted to be. We help them go from wallowing too often in the mud, to stand atop the panoramic mountaintop, with its fresh air and extraordinary views.

Through our online trainings and publications in coaching and healing, we help people find practical, innovative tools and knowledge to bring lofty transformational areas down to earth.

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​​Become a Holistic Life Coach with EFT energy healing and more. Go deeper on your evolutionary journey and know how to precisely help others to do so. Discover valuable resources and find out about our in-depth Life Coaching and Healing Certification Program -- live ​online training, with all classes recorded.

We (Drs. Phillip & Jane Mountrose​) are the Founding Directors of Awakenings Institute. We have been fortunate to reach thousands of people during the past 25 years in the field.  We specialize in how to ​significantly deepen and expand the results people get from EFT and energy healing. In the process, we wrote what are now among the most popular books on EFT. Since 1996, we have written over a dozen books and manuals on energy healing, personal growth and EFT.

​"Value your life -- the people in it, the treasured possessions, your experiences, your purpose and possibilities. And keep improving, discovering and creating each day."

-- Phillip and Jane Mountrose

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